On Friday, December 23, 2022, we held the company exchange meeting. The theme was “Career Development for Women in Science and Engineering after Employment”.

The theme of this event was “Post-employment Career Development for Women in Science and Engineering.”
Ms. Shima, a researcher at the National Women’s Education Center, reported on the results of a careful questionnaire survey that followed new employees over a five-year period.

Participants’ questions and comments continued uninterruptedly during the prepared question period.

The small-group discussions also continued to be a lively exchange of ideas.
There were stories of the past, such as “This used to be the workplace of female engineers.”
On the other hand, there was a recent topic of discussion.
“Even in the early stages of employment, it is possible to be active because you are an engineer.”
 (A case study of a product developed by a woman in her third year with the company and launched on the market).

The event was a meaningful opportunity for the participants to exchange information, and the results of the post-participation questionnaire were also favorable.

We plan to continue to hold these meetings on themes related to the careers of women in science and engineering, although they will be held only a few times a year.
Please let us know the themes you are interested in, and we will consider them.

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Sponsor : NPO STEM Career Path Project for Girls

Date and Time: Friday, December 23, 2022 15:00-17:00

Location: Online


  1. “Competency Insecurity of Women in Science and Its Background: A Follow-up Survey of New Employees” (tentative)    
    Ms. Naoko Shima, Researcher, International Research Office, National Women’s Education Center
  2. Discussion in small groups joined by researcher Shima
  3. Free discussion by all participants