【Report】The 2nd Company Exchange Meeting for 2023 was held on Tuesday, December 26, with the cooperation of BHP, one of the world’s leading mining companies.


As one of the three pillars of our activities, we provides a forum for information exchange among individuals and organizations that support our activities. The second company exchange meeting last year was held with the cooperation of BHP, which has been supporting our activities, and the topic was presented by Ms. Yuki Gantos, President and CEO of BHP Japan.

She talked about the background of the company’s success in doubling the ratio of women in the company from 17% to 35% over the past few years, achieving a 40% ratio of women in an iron ore mine in a remote area of Australia, and the real situation on the frontline.

In the group discussion on the theme of “What we can do to create a workplace where people with diverse backgrounds and circumstances can work and play an active role,” the importance of top management’s seriousness and the setting and thorough implementation of KPI to promote diversity were some of the points. They are difficult to implement in Japanese companies, but the discussion also seemed to lead to hints on what each participant can do.

Thank you very much to all participants and BHP.

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